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Go from a Draining 9-5 Job to Your Dream Career Calling! 
TIME SENSITIVE: Get 5 Days of LIVE Interactive Training with Miguel Rivera, Career Coaching Expert, as He Shows Kingdom High Performers How To Step Into Their Career Calling Without Wasting Years Switching Jobs Or Spending Tens of Thousands of Dollars Going Back To School...
Dear High Performing Kingdom  Professionals,
From The Desk Of Miguel Rivera
Altlanta, GA
For over a decade I have been searching for something... 

That something was hidden in the answer to these questions:

Who am I? Why am I here? What am I really capable of? 
That "something" that we all seek is the “Career Calling”, who God designed us uniquely to be and once connected to it gives us an unfair advantage.   
“A Musician Must Compose Songs, An Artist Must Paint And A Poet Must Write, If They Want To Live In Peace With Themselves. What A Man Can Be, He Must Be ”.-Abraham Maslow

The sad part is most people will not connect to this and will end up regretting in retirement asking themselves:

Did I really Live? Did I really matter? Can I honestly tell God that I lived to my fullest potential?

But why is that?

Because the sad part is we are not taught this in school, at work or even at church. I burnt myself to the ground working long hours and even spending years in business school only to find myself in the same spot, like in a hamster wheel... 

It’s like Society, Universities and Corporate America want us to stick in this rat race to keep the system running…

Most people like myself start getting married, then have kids…  

The additional financial obligations and time commitments with the family do not let them even consider pivoting in life to something greater...

What a waste, spending your most valuable asset, time, in a job that is slowly sucking the life out of you like a vampire dressed as a doctor.  

“Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time” -Jim Rohn

In addition, not stepping into their career calling costs people hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions in additional income lost over their lifetime. 

Over the last several years I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Degrees, certifications, mentors and studying the highest performers on the globe to help answer these “Career Calling” questions…

As a result, I have simplified the process of uncovering your calling and developing a roadmap to step into that career, specially for those who have limited time, such as those who have a job and are married with kids.  

If you are looking to once and for all step into your God given career calling, and start living a life full of joy, abundance and radiant energy then… 

I invite you to take the 5 Day Job To Calling Challenge where you will get the clarity you seek and get the roadmap to step into your career calling faster than most people. 

Inside of This Challenge
Here's What We'll Reveal...
  • The step by step roadmap High Performing Kingdom Professionals are using to step into their career calling and get paid what they deserve NOW even if they are working from home.
  • How my clients unveil their unique career DNA so that they can gain an unfair advantage and become a magnet for career opportunities…
  • The secret my clients use to obtain contagious confidence and presence to step into their dream career even in the midst of massive uncertainty in the marketplace with many worried about layoffs or furloughs…
  • ​Why focusing primarily on updating resumes and applying for jobs on LinkedIn and job boards is the WRONG strategy to step into a dream career. 
  • ​AND how they manage to step into their career calling without working more hours, applying to hundreds of jobs, or spending tens of thousands of dollars going back to school! 
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Each Challenge Day Answers The Most Important Questions You Need To Know Before Stepping Into Your Dream Career...
We’ll go live each day to help answer the following questions:
  • Day #1: Is this the right time to be making changes to my career without another degree? Discover the SECRETS to thrive in this market.
  • Day #2: Who am I? How unique am I? Uncover your SUPERNATURAL POWER.
  • Day #3: Why am I here on earth?  Integrate your unique God given PURPOSE to your Career. 
  • Day #4: What are the careers that match my unique DNA? Discover how to step into a Career that brings you Joy, Energy, Fulfillment WHILE allowing you to earn your highest income potential. 
  • Day #5: How can I step into my dream career? The 5 SHIFTS you must do to prosper and thrive in your career calling in the shortest amount of time possible. 
  • BONUS: Free Career DNA Map and integration to your career during the Challenge  ($497 Value)
  • BONUS: Free Unique Identity Canvas and integration to career calling during the Challenge ($497 Value)
  • BONUS: Career Calling Worksheets ($997 Value) 
total value = $1991
plus saving you tens of thousands of dollars to not have to go back to school!
meet your TRAINER
Miguel Rivera,
High Performance Coach | Career Coach | MBA | Six Sigma Black Belt | Kingdom Entrepreneur
  • Career Coaching Expert and Industrial Engineer with an MBA from Duke University, holding certifications such as Six Sigma Black Belt, Scrum Master and High Performance Coaching. 
  • Corporate America Executive with over a decade working with small, mid-size and Fortune 200 companies. Focused on optimizing human capital and systems for companies, with experience working and traveling to over 20 countries.
  • Married for 12 years and father of two daughters. 
  • Specialize in helping clients step into their career calling and earn an income that reflects their true worth without burning themselves out in the process.
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